Membership Levels

Membership will be by subscription. There are 7 levels of membership

Non-professional – Non degree holders – Affiliate Membership

Members working at Band 2 -4 and who lack a BSc Healthcare Science - Life Science degree will fall into this category. They will be given the opportunity to build a career within Healthcare Science – Life Sciences, with support from ABHS, providing awareness seminars and training. Support with University information lists etc. AHCS information will also be provided regarding the PTP programme.

Professionals Qualified Abroad – Associate Membership

For all professionals qualified abroad, there will be an Associate membership status. All qualifications and transcripts will be assessed, including assessment from UKNARIC. However, it is expected that the Association will obtain adaptation training for them, to be able to move towards Associate and Full membership status within a set period, within the UK.

Professional stage 1 – Associate Membership

Graduates with BSc Healthcare Science Degrees and HCPC registration as a Biomedical Scientist belong to this group of membership. Support will be provided to develop their career further by raising awareness of the STP options available to them and signposting them to the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS).

Professional Stage 2 – Full Membership

All graduates with HCPC registration as a Clinical Scientist, will fall into this category of membership. There will be support with CPD training via online learning for all members. Annual events at discounted rates will also benefit all membership. Support is also provided for members who want to move on to the Royal College of Pathologists examinations and membership.

Other Categories of Membership given by the Association

Honorary Membership

Persons who have made a distinguished contribution in Healthcare Sciences – Life Sciences, following the recommendation of the Council can be elected as Honorary Members of the Association. (Voting Member)

Fellow Membership

Full members that have been able to gain over 10 years’ experience, can apply for Fellow. Please apply by sending your CV