About ABHS

Association of Biomedical Healthcare Scientists (ABHS) is an association founded by professionals, for professionals. We strive to be the best professionals in Healthcare Sciences, and to make way for those coming behind. Setting the foundation as trailblazers for the future of Healthcare Scientists or Healthcare Science – Life Scientists.

The Association was set up to provide information, advice, training and guidance to both graduates and undergraduates who are new to the profession of Healthcare Sciences – Life Sciences.

No one must be left behind, everyone of our members must be able to secure their professional journey without fear of being discriminated against.

What do we do

We provide a journey plan for all our graduates and other personnel wanting to gain employment within a Medical Laboratory, from an undergraduate right up to professional levels. Our graduates can aspire and even gain HCPC registration as a Clinical Scientist.

For professional students seeking training/employment as HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist, ABHS has a specific pathway to follow. We have partnered with quite a few NHS Trusts who are accredited by the IBMS to provide training to our graduates who have been screened and who are able to show competence at Band 4.

Once the graduates have completed their training, they are able to request their HCPC registration number.

We are seeking redress on the possibility of graduates of Biomedical Scientists gaining PTP equivalence and HCPC registration as a Biomedical Scientist. We are hoping to raise a petition with Parliament with regards to this.

Information, Advice and Guidance

ABHS provides information, advice and guidance to all requesting graduates without any biases or allegiance to any other organisation. All our graduates need to be informed correctly, so that they can make choices that would benefit them.